on Local Agenda 21  & Sustainable Tourism in TRANG
May 2005 to August  2007
To secure a long term sustainable  development process in Trang, where the 
tourism sector is integrating  environmental, social, cultural and economic 
aspects in all kinds of tourism  activities, and that the responsibility of all 
stakeholders involved is to  contribute with their part
Trang Municipality,  Neighbouring districts, Hotels, Resorts, Tour operators,
 Tourist organizations,  Communities, Business sector, NGOs, Others
                                                                         OBJECTIVES ACHIEVED
                     1. Network and Forum for Sustainable Tourism Development
                     2. Guideline for Sustainable Tourism
                     3. Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism
                     4. Policy, Action Plan & Implementation of Projects in Pilot Tourist Organisations
                     5. Information Materials for Tourists
                     6. Documents on Local Agenda 21 and Sustainable Tourism in districts & municipalities
                     7. Indicators for Sustainable Tourism and Development in Trang
The partners of the project were Trang municipality and LIFE partners from
Sweden. The Funding agency of the project was SIDA (the Swedish 
International Development Cooperation Agency). The project was carried out
during two years from May 2005 to August 2007. 
Trang  was supported by advisors from Sweden in the field of LA 21 and 
sustainable tourism. There were also Thai experts  involved in the project as well
as numerous cooperation partners in Trang.
* The contribution of Lifelong Learning Foundation (Thailand)
in the Thai-Swedish Project came about when 
         Dr. Anita Siaw was appointed International Coordinator of the 
Thai-Swedish project. She represented the Swedish Team
of Experts in working with the Governor and Mayor of Trang
towards a Sustainable Tourism Development of the  province.
Dr Anita and the Swedish Project Leader (Tomas Gustafsson) at a public
hearing with the Mayor and the head of Districts and Municipalities
Dr. Anita represents the Swedish Team of Experts at an Inspection
Meeting by SIDA representatives in Trang – the meeting was
led by the Mayor and Head of the Department of Environmental
Quality Promotion of the Ministry of Natural
Resources and Environment
At a project function – Dr Anita with the Governor of Trang (the same person
who also granted the licence for Lifelong Learning Foundation),
the Mayor of Trang and the Swedish Project Leader


Dr. Anita with Swedish expert during field work with the local leaders at the islands

Organising Waste Management Campaigns on Libong Island with Thai and Swedish Experts –
Environmental Campaign Awareness for the children and women

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