Water Management for Sustainable Tourism on Islands

Island communities  face severe problems caused by intensive use of natural
resources that are constrained by space. Geographical isolation of the small
islands exacerbates the problem, which can even hinder 
socio-economic development.

In addition, the local potential for economic diversification is often limited on
islands. Hence, many islands rely on tourism, which offers a potentially
lucrative track  for higher earnings. As a result, the tourism sector is the
main employer and  earner on many islands. Intensive tourism adds to
pressure on local water  resources, particularly during the peak season
in which tourists outnumber local residents. Intensive tourism can, on
the other hand, be a driver of good water practices because good water
quality is the pre-condition to sustainable tourist activities. 
The Lifelong  Learning Foundation (Thailand) has entered into a cooperation
with Cartesius Institute (Institute for Sustainable Innovations of the
Netherlands Technical Universities). The purpose of the collaboration is to
conduct feasibility studies towards the application of demonstration activities
of integrated and decentralized systems for wastewater and desalination
techniques along the coast and islands of Trang in South Thailand. 
Technology transfer through Demonstration Projects will be carried out by the 
relevant Dutch companies and research institutes, monitoring performance will be
 done with the assistance of local partners. Content and experts provided by 
the relevant Dutch academic institutes. Potential partners include 
Van der Wiel;  Van Hall Larenstein and UNESCO-IHE.

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