Lifelong  Learning Foundation worked with Nature Resorts in Trang in developing sustainable tours
in the region – providing training for local community members to become more than just boatmen or
tour guides. (Teaching them service skills, basic English and sustainable methods of running the tour).
 The results have been amazing! and the Wildlife Safari Tour at Libong Island is evidence of this.
The original Dugong Tracking Tour adventure became the finalist of the prestigious Thailand Tourism
Awards 2002. The tour has been booked by international documentary filmmakers, research teams
and featured in all major travel guides, and international travel magazines as a must do trip!

REAL pictures of dugong and dolphin sightings taken by
our guests from Alaska! No photo shop! 
With us, the Dugong Tracking & Bird-watching Tour is almost a religious activity. We advise
 intending participants on how to behave correctly and why it is important to take the right
approach before and during the trip. Our English-speaking Professor or his Assistant will also
tell you about traditional Sea Gypsy believes concerning seeing and not seeing the Dugong.
The chances of seeing the Dugong is very high with usbecause we follow strictly the
“Rules of Nature” – meaning we take into consideration correct timing, sea-level condition,
wind conditions, and going with the right equipment. We also know a lot about Dugong behaviour
to enable us to find them in the most favourable atmosphere – not like many copycats who rave
their engines haphazardly and cutting the sea-grass with their longtail blades. Respect for the
Dugongs’ turf is vital to your chances of seeing them.
Big boats and overloaded small boats will drive the Dugongs away to hide somewhere, not to be
seen by any one. After you have enough of the Sea Cows appearing and disappearing, we move 
on to Bird Territories – the many mounds appearing over the horizon where many types of migratory
birds can be sighted. For those who know about birds, this is a fantastic treat. Birds of different
feathers all flock together to enjoy the warm sunshine as well as feeding on the rich variety of 
sea food that abounds. Singular birds and flocks of them can be seen flying about – 
a busy time for the photographer no doubt.
Then we move on to the Forestry Museum Park where our excited Guests can walk leisurely
examining some of the rare exhibits of marine life. A picnic lunch will be served. After a rest,
our Boatman will take you to a nearby sea-grass area with crystal-clear waters for Guests to
have a dive and snorkel around. This is one of  the many feeding ground of the Dugongs and
one can actually see the “eating paths” of the Dugongs at the bottom. By 2-3 pm, it is time 
to cruise back to base, passing by some Sea Gypsy villages and beautiful scenery.
Migratory Birds at the Bird Island!
‘This morning we went on the Libong Island Tour and within 20 minutes  of leaving 
the resort we saw not one but TWO dugongs. We also saw lots of birds  
(curlew waders and an eagle) and 2 pinkish colored dolphins’. 
Stuart and  Nicola (UK)  16 March 2005

We saw a grey nose above the water, the dugong took a deep breath and  
disappeared again. We saw it several times after and also had a magnificent  
experience when we saw a school of pink dolphins very close to our boat 
(maybe  10 m) and we followed them for a while’
Astrid Krogh (Sweden) 18 Dec 2006
‘I saw so many dugongs even the back of two of them. It was very  exciting’ 
Irma Majuri, Sweden  1 January 2007
‘We stayed 2 weeks and did the following (1) 4-5 sightings of dugongs  
(between northern tip of Koh Libong and Haadyao) (2) Kayak through 
the Bird  Sanctuary (3) Lunch at the Marine Museum (4) Snorkelling just 
off the beach at  Libong Nature (best snorkeling so far!) – All in all an 
excellent tour’ Hult  Family Sweden  1 Jan 2007
‘About 10 Dugong Sightings : ) Very nice tour!!’ 
Sofia  Dahlberg & Erik Orrskog (Sweden) 2 January 2007 
’We slowly went to the best spotting site and Peter saw the first  
dugong coming next to his kayak. I saw the mouth and its neck and 
hear it  exhaling’ Ylana and Peter from Holland  5 January 2007


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