Lifelong Learning  Foundation in cooperation with Nature Resorts in Trang supported
community groups in producing handmade and handcrafted products.This project was
developed after the tsunami disaster to help villagers develop a self-sufficient
economy by making use of their natural resources more efficiently, thus resulting in
extra income to improve their quality of life and the enhancement of  
community spirit and co-operation.
Even though Trang did not suffer much casualty as a result of the disaster, at least
hundreds of fishermen homes and boats were reported damaged by the killer waves.
In view of this situation, the Lifelong Learning Foundation set up an online store and
took their handiworks to the world market. So instead of waiting for free hand-outs
from the Government, these villagers are now beginning to rely 
on their own skills to survive.
Products developed include Batik Painting, Handmade greeting cards, Aloe Vera Soap
and Shampoo with tropical fruits and Aloe Vera and Tropical fruit Jam.
Lifelong Learning Foundation worked with foreign artists who were volunteers at
the resort, teaching them the art of batik painting as part of a cultural exchange.
They were encouraged to integrate and interact with the local women to produce
new designs based on the natural resources in the area. The local women then
followed those designs and produced many art pieces using their own color schemes.
As you know since its not commercialized, no two pieces were alike and that was
where the uniqueness was.
Designed by foreign volunteers together with the local women based on natural
materials such as rubber leaves or twigs. Cards were divided into different art
collections according to  seasons or themes. The women and their daughters
would then skillfully reproduce these cards in bulk to be sold to international
tourists visiting the area.
 aloe barbadensis   
           Soap flowers                                 Aloe Vera                      Soap Leaves (Rubber leaves)   
Using organically  grown aloe vera mixed with the fruit of the season
(papaya and pineapple), soap and jam were produced by the women’s
group. The jam received a 4 star government approved rating (OTOP)
having passed all tests by the Ministry. It is currently being served
on all the menus at the Nature Resorts.
All products became a really big hit at the resort (which became our
distribution channel). Products produced were never on a big scale or
commercialized but mainly to provide employment for the local women
and for international tourists to appreciate natural  
products in the area they visited.

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