THE FOUNDER –  Prof Dr Laurence Siaw
The Institute was formerly organized by Prof. Dr. Laurence in 2006.
For many years, he was intrigued by how local Thais, especially those in the rural areas
used local herbs and local spiritual knowledge to deal with their many health problems
without modern medical care.
At Mahidol University, where he taught graduate students, he conducted a number
of research in this are of natural healthcare with the help of his students,
as part of their thesis work. 
Prof. Laurence is now retired but still very active in documenting natural healthcare
remedies among sea gypsies. He would like to encourage people from around the world
interested in traditional medicine, to join him. Prof. Laurence also hopes to get some
funding to conduct clinical experiments to make folk remedies more authentic and
scientific instead of just relying on heresay.

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