1. Honorary Chairman

       Inspector General Chuan Sriprasidh – Ex-Chief Police Commander of South Thailand

2. Founder and Honorary Advisor

Professor Dr. Laurence Siaw, is a development economist and social anthropologist
retired from Mahidol University in Bangkok. Educated in Australia, Prof. Laurence
played a leading role in encouraging international exchange amongst
environmentalists throughout the world.

3. Co-founder and Honorary Secretary General

Dr. Intira Sriprasidh is well established in the academic circles in Thailand. Educated
in Australia, she is currently a director on the National Office of Educational Standards,
Quality Assurance, and Accreditation as well as a director of the Executive Board of
National Institute of Educational Testing Services of Thailand for the Ministry of Education.
Dr. Intira is currently promoting E-learning throughout Thailand and the Lifelong Learning
Foundation is set to incorporate activities which promotes quality education for all.
She is also a regular guest speaker for UNESCO covering education reform policies and
teaching methods based on international models. She is currently promoting
Montessori based teaching methods and Phonetic language skills in Thailand.

4. Honorary Accountant and Legal Advisor

      Dr Vincent Siaw holds a double degree in law and accountancy from Australia. 
      He is also a Barrister & Solicitor of the High Court of Australia and a Solicitor in 
      England and Wales. Vincent advises the Foundation on accounting and legal issues 
      while currently working as an international lawyer for a Scandinavian 
multinational company based in Thailand.

5. Honorary Project Manager
Dr Anita Siaw is a Law graduate from England with a Doctorate in Sustainable 
Tourism Management from Australia. She is responsible for initiating a number 
of innovative environmental projects in Trang as well as livelihood restoration 
programs for those affected by the tsunami disaster of  2004. 

Anita is also a special lecturer at Universities in Thailand and has presented 
best practice papers at International conferences in Japan, Sweden and
Vietnam. She has also been featured in leading international 
newspapers and travel magazines as a leader in Sustainable 
Tourism in Trang, Thailand. 

In 2007, Anita completed a two year appointment as the International
 Coordinator of the Thai-Swedish Cooperation for Local Agenda 21 and
 Sustainable Tourism in Trang funded by SIDA. As of 1st August 2008, she 
takes up a new position as country coordinator for Thailand in a
 Thai-British Cooperation Project (a four year collaboration between 
Lifelong Learning Foundation and Transrural Trust in England).

6. Honorary International Coordinator and IT Manager

Mr. Kahlil Siaw is a Law graduate from England with a Masters in E-Business from Australia,
Kahlil provides technical expertise to the ICT school in Bangkok and is in charge of
coordinating international environmental projects for the Foundation. He is currently
pursuing his Doctorate degree in Social Economics from Australia.
He is also the Operations Director of the Blue Ocean Group which
provides funding for the Foundation's activities.

 7. Partner organisations: 

Environmental Projects
SIDA (Sweden), LIFE Partners (Sweden), 
Cartesius Institute of Sustainable Innovations (Netherlands),
Frisian Water Alliance (Netherlands),
Reef Word Foundation (UK),
Centre for Sustainable Tourism (Australia),
Transrural Trust (England), AND 
Back-to-Nature Resorts Group,
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment,
Tourism Authority of Thailand,
Royal Forestry Department,
Office of Environmental Policy & Planning, Chulalongkorn University,
Prince of Songkhla University, etc. in Thailand.
ICT Projects
NSW-AMES (New South Wales- Adults Migration English Services, ETS 
(Educational Testing Services, USA), HEC Reading Horizons (USA), etc.

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